Corbyn and the left need the freedom to rule

When I heard the news Jeremy Corbyn was elected i wasn’t shocked or surprised in fact I was completely resigned to the result. I had kidded myself that Burnham or Cooper might have the smallest hope of a prayer, but deep in my mind and heart I knew Corbyn would win and win well. This has been the trajectory that the campaign has been headed for ever since Corbyn squeezed through those last gasp nominations. Everything has been about Jeremy,whether that is being petrified that he might win, or being delirious at the return of a movement which for some has been a long time dead.

I think we do need to castigate the thoughtlessness of the MP’s who didn’t agree with Jeremy but let him be involved anyway.The thinking that he was never going to be a threat was as idle intellectually as you can possibly get. Jeremy Corbyn may not be naturally charismatic, but he’s not annoying like Diane Abbott either. He entered a leadership election with brand new rules on who could vote, and how much those votes were worth. The party was on its knees after a surprising electoral evisceration.  In essence no-one fully knew what could happen, conventional wisdom didn’t apply. Playing party electoral lottery is never a good idea, especially with a party known to self destruct like Labour.

We now need a united party. I don’t believe MP’s or members should be forced to say things they don’t believe in, and after the record Corbyn has he cannot in good conscience demand party loyalty from anyone. However, I believe Jeremy Corbyn should be allowed to fill the cabinet with the people he wants. He and other members should take Labour in the direction that they want to take it.The crushing nature of the victory means he has a mandate unlike any other Labour leader in modern times, this has to be respected.It’s important to allow the left to take over, because if we don’t, when it all comes crashing down the blame will be placed upon the centre of the party. Accusations of disloyalty and coup plotting will be rife at the start of Jeremy’s premiership, the centre need to show they’re team players. Only by allowing the left to lead the party can Corbyn’s ideas become discredited because they’re outdated and ill thought out.

The centre was well beaten coming in 3rd and 4th place and we need to understand why that is. Was it because the message has become stale, and without a sufficient narrative to win people over? Is it simply outdated, or does it need a more serious re-think? Either way the centre ground in Labour needs time to readjust. I don’t hold personal animosity because of political differences. I am bitterly dissapointed that Corbyn won but i recognise that is the will of the party. The centre need to recognise this, only by allowing the left a free reign, while the centre re-organise and re-think policy can we come back and make Labour electable again.


4 thoughts on “Corbyn and the left need the freedom to rule

  1. I left the Labour Party after 34 years and would never vote for Corbyn. The inevitable split is coming and I look forward to working with you in the new party. Excellent article. Viva social democracy.

    1. I think if Corbyn wins the leadership election then a split looks certainly very possible. If so I wold likely move as well 🙂 Thanks for the kind words, if you like this will probably like my other stuff. I’m writing regularly again so keep an eye out 😛 I hope you’re keeping well 🙂

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