The government, morons and myself

Well a new year and the same old rhetoric from a fractured government, morons and well all of us because that is what we do as humans and i include myself in this. The government have been riding the lull of an economic storm for little over a year now without ever riding out of the danger zone, with the euro crisis easing up for the moment they need to make progress and fast. They are capping benefits below inflation (further making it harder to live, travel and find work), bemoaning at the lack of poorer students in higher education while taking away their EMA, refusing to install a living wage so people will be encouraged to find work and receive a decent wage and labeling anyone who uses benefits and cannot find a job a ‘scrounger’ (despite the majority of those whom use benefits are in work) This government has gone from incompetence to bitter and nasty within less than a year. Maybe it is the rise of the mad ukip and a fluttering Farage which has ruffled the feathers of this government along with the fact that the lib dems seem to be on the verge of open revolt because their party is polling as less popular than cholera and bankers. However with an election two years away Clegg feels he can turn it around for his party and maybe if he can control the Conservatives far right a bit better and try and wrangle more concessions he may have a hope of not being obliterated in the next election.

We have dealt with the government now morons, of course some of the government are for instance Simon Hughes believing we need to consult with religious leaders over gay marriage despite assurances they won’t be prosecuted for not conducting such marriages and that it is optional. Of course religious leaders believe they own the word marriage (they don’t) and the institution (they don’t it is property of the state). However other morons are those whom i occasionally debate (not my friends) but some random person on Facebook or twitter just typing tosh without researching what they are saying and getting it all wrong. I realize freedom of speech is important and that without it where would we be, however we also have a duty to make sure what we say is worthwhile or at least accurate. We all get it wrong from time to time of course, but some people manage to get it continuously wrong. The internet was supposed to free us however i feel it has just become another portal for shit.

Now to myself, I am currently in a bit of a malaise unable to really decide what i want to do when i am older, being extremely lazy and having a narrow skill-set has made me a tad nervous of the future. However as with all good men and women i shall try and just have some fun while it lasts because after-all we only live once. I will be continuing this blog for once a day from now on, i need something to keep my mind occupied and this shall be it.


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