The madness of Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney has finally showed his true face to America and the world but not by choice. He was filmed speaking at a $50,000 a head dinner boldly claiming that 47% of Americans see themselves as victims, don’t pay income taxes and that it isn’t his job to manage them, everyone greeted this outside the Romney camp with a heart warming surprise knowing that he had finally been caught out. However I have no doubts the Romney camp were engaging in a collective Homer Simpson “Doh” moment suddenly realising the inevitable slip up is out in the public and that normal people know what this lunatic is all about. You may think I am too harsh to call him a lunatic after all he is a very important public figure and he is running for president, however it’s a charge which does stand up. The charge sheet is seemingly endless these are a few terse complaints,  He is like Bill O Reilly in the sense he is a pathological liar, he believes in a religion which was created by a known conman who tried similar ruses in the same state and had an arrest warrant put out for him,  he gave the Randian Paul Ryan a VP spot which should be enough to disqualify him from any sort of critical thinking and he accepted the nomination from a Republican party that is sinking faster than the Titanic and Sarah Palin’s political career.


I shall amplify the short points made, firstly on Mr Romney being a pathological liar. Mr Romney opens his platform on believing on equal rights for all except for gay people of course this is the republican party, yet until 1978 Mr Romney was in an organisation which believed in no such thing, this is called the Mormon religion. The church had a sudden revelation just before civil rights laws were brought into law when they finally decided to let black people become priests and other higher ranking officials within the church. Before 1978 the church was labelled an official racist organisation and Mr Romney a prominent member of that church was still a part of it at that point and an adult. It’s almost like Nick Griffin running for office in 20 years time proclaiming he loves immigration. It has been said that when Mr Romney heard the good news he jumped up in his car, but the question has to be asked if you felt deeply upset at a policy wouldn’t you stop attending the church? the book of Mormon is in itself  a deeply racist text saying being black is the mark of Cain for instance so for him to believe in this religion is certainly concerning. Other signs that he is a pathological liar are deep rooted within his past, in 1994 when fighting for the senate he sent a letter to the log cabin republicans proclaiming he would be a very strong advocate for gay rights and would make it a mainstream concern. This was quite a statement for 1994 after all, however fast forward to 2002 when he proclaimed his support for discrimination in terms of rights to marriage for gays and lesbians along with abandoning the idea of a civil partnership,  go to 2007  and he didn’t want to repeal don’t ask don’t tell which led to brave serviceman and women being discharged for being gay if someone found out. These are just two examples which show the deep nature where he can lie to himself and then others, there are many more including his ‘job making’ abilities at bain capital and his questionable tax returns, this isn’t the same as changing your mind changing ones mind is an admirable trait but Mr Romney seems to have a trait of stating deep held beliefs and ideas and then when another group may not like the idea he crisscrosses to suit that particular person or group. He is one of the only examples of a human chameleon.


Now is the time to look into Mr Romney’s religion which is Mormonism. Let me say first off someones religion should not and does not stop anyone running in a presidential race or a similar event, the first amendment protects them and so it should. However I think someone’s beliefs do need to be scrutinized if you are choosing the leader of a country with a vast nuclear arsenal. Mr Romney believes a well known conman at the time called Joseph Smith went to New York and found some golden tablets written in 17th century english which only he could translate because after he did he gave the tablets back to the angel which had directed him which is rather convenient for say a charlatan who wanted to gather followers. He stated he had been visited by an angel named Moroni where he would also find breast plates, however he later claimed that the angel had stopped him from taking them. What many do not realise is that the state of New York issued an arrest warrant for Mr Smith after various other scams occurred using a stone and a hat to find buried treasure similar to his apparent texts. If someone will believe that what won’t they believe? Hezbollah has nuclear weapons? Iran wants to invade America? all are more probable than the fraudster and charlatan which Joseph Smith was discovering plates, discovering two glass shaped objects to translate them and being visited by an angel and correctly translating these texts which contain large sections of the book of Abraham. Mr Smith was once asked to translate a hieroglyph he stated it contained large sections of the bible which NYU found in 1995 to be blatantly false and untrue of course. Mark Twain once famously stated that the book of Mormon was like chloroform in print maybe that is all we need to know about this belief?  On this basis he has to be asked about his beliefs and one has to take them into consideration when you’re putting your vote down, Americans have already experienced what it’s like to have a religious fanatic in office and he was the most unpopular president of all time.

Next up is addressing his decision to give the VP nomination to Paul Ryan a lowly Conservative senator who some in the far right believe to be their personal savior from the ‘big state’. What many in England have to understand is the Republicans are not like the Conservatives, they make the Conservatives look like Communists with their policies. Ryan in his opening speech made various untruths appear true (Romney likes a good lie it seems) he complained how Obama had a lack of action on the economy yet when Obama came up with a plan he voted it down. His economic plans to make medicare into a voucher for one are disastrous as many realise. The economists who backed his paper have been rounded on by critics like Paul Krugman of not only professional incompetency but bare faced lying. The idea to make 12 million jobs in 4 years is cited by David Branchflower professor of economics at Dartmouth as very dubious in the extreme. The American economy has only made 3 million jobs a year in 4 of the last 20 years and despite the claims from the opposition Obama’s administration is creating more jobs but it is taking time they are coming out of a depression remember. Ryan is a massive fan of Ayn Rand a women who believed being selfish was the greatest good, who hated compassion and charity, she wrote many novels including the fountainhead and  atlas shrugged both are mediocre and leave a message which astounds even the biggest egomaniac. She even managed to shock a 1970’s conservative audience on her thoughts on Palestinians  which was quite something to watch, she compared Palestinians to savages.    She also ended up broke, on government benefits under a false name ending up as everything she hated and one does have to question a man who supports her theories. Romney didn’t need to give the VP to this fanatic he had the Tea party in the bag as many look on Obama as the worst thing since cholera.

Last but not least in the madness of Mitt Romney his decision to run now?  well he has been trying to run for a number of years he tried in 2008 but lost narrowly to McCain whose campaign must be amongst the worst in living memory. The Republican party are splintering into two main groups, the Tea party and those who are more traditional republicans who have a brain. This is most likely the worst time to run for the Republicans in recent history, the party is fractured and divided they make people in middle America turn off and they are a smaller minority then they realise. To win the election Romney needs to convince a good lot of middle America and with the ensemble of the Republicans behind him it’s hard to see him win this election no matter how much money they throw at it. Romney as expressed above isn’t fit for office and neither are his companions his decision to run now within this mess shows his deep lust to gain power and control however he can. I implore Americans not to let him have it.




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