The sad Olympic message

After a fun filled 17 days the Olympics are packing up and leaving the country, everyone has a quixotic view on the number of British medalists and the ‘legacy’ it will leave. The sad truth is this Olympic games has cost this country billions of pounds and its legacy will be basically non existent. The Olympic development will have 30% of affordable housing built on it, however when questioned on Newsnight what affordable housing was they couldn’t give an answer, the promise was worthless much like the speeches by David Cameron on how a change in attitude is needed for success amongst the poorest in society. A number of the houses will be sold on for big profits for private companies instead of the tax payer who funded this mascaraed of supposed meritocracy in sport. 

For millions of children the very thought of taking up any of the sports in the Olympics is virtually non existent, 21,000 playing fields which schools owned have been sold off this year, sports funding to schools has been cut and currently there are millions of people on the breadline because of the reckless policies pursued by this government. 40% of our medals have come from private schools despite only 7% of children getting the chance to attend private school, this shows the lack of meritocracy in all walks of life in Britain. The Olympics instead of showing what hard work and talent can do has sent a message that sadly all it takes is money money money.  The Olympics will not have an impact on me, anyone I know or the vast majority of the country yet with the kind of money sacrificed for the Olympics it could have created hundreds of thousands of jobs and helped this country to bounce out of the recession we have been sinking in to for well over a year, the price of the Olympics has surreptitiously risen out of control  and while people are queuing up to the food banks we have a giant party.

In conclusion the paradox of the legacy of the Olympics is that there won’t be a legacy. It shall be seen as an occasion which we used to distract ourselves from the crumbling edifice of our economy and the legacy shall remain unrealized. Schools shall still be starved of funds for sport, fast food restaurants shall still provide sporting equipment through the profits of making our children fat and sports shall remain out of reach for the millions.


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