Scientology a religion or cult?

There has been a lot of talk about Scientology being a cult in recent years from the media and everyone else. This is something that the people who participate in the church deny vigorously and robustly, however their are certain question marks over what happens within the church of Scientology and its wacky beliefs. Cults aren’t defined by just wacky beliefs though, if this were the case then all religions would be classed as cults. To an extent all religions are cults, all can tear people away from their family, persuade people to give large donations to their specific religion But Scientology is an organisation which to put it nicely has trust issues with the outside world which it cannot resolve easily. That is the nicest way of putting it, the nastier way is that is blackmails, spies on, lies consistently about certain people who have reservations about the church and its activities. These allegations against it are serious and they aren’t just spoken by a couple of frauds and quacks but well respected Journalists from organizations like the BBC.

Scientology was started by a bad science fiction writer known as L.Ron Hubbard, he started the religion known as Scientology and is regarded as a great man by those who choose to believe in the theories that Scientology states. L.Ron Hubbard was a bad science fiction writer who served for a short time in the Marine core, he was in charge of two ships at separate times when his superiors removed him from command on account of him being in incapable of commanding them. It is interesting that  a man incapable of leading a group of people started a religion, also it is a certain coincidence that as a science fiction writer he started a belief predicated on the existence of aliens and Xenu who 75 million years ago brought billions to this planet, put them around volcanoes and blew them up with Hydrogen bombs. Official doctrine contends that many aliens souls infect ours and create unhappiness within us, which according to Scientologist’s is the reason why their are so many problems with people today. Many Scientologist’s  argue this is not true, however within the structure of the church their are levels. Within these levels people only read so much of what L.Ron Hubbard wrote down, this kind of information is recognised as being operating theton level 3 which is the top information which only a few read. L.Ron Hubbard is regarded by many to have been a charlatan who profited unreasonably from Scientology’s public work who had delusions of grandeur and had doubtful sanity. Now to me, that is a charge which can be leveled against every leader of a religion and cult.It also seems to me the charges of its beliefs which are to my mind insane are again charges which can be laid at the door of every Abrahamic monotheistic religion, for instance the virgin birth, heaven, the rise from the dead, the Koran being totally and utterly correct, while the religion was started by an illiterate man who needed peace and war. All of these are as wacky as the Scientology doctrine however no-one proclaims these people are mad.

Scientologist’s use E-readers to measure peoples well being according to Scientologist’s and can be used to test levels of happiness and see if you are getting better with Scientology. This seems like a practice which is innocent and couldn’t carry any suspicious connotations  however these E-readers are truth detectors. They can detect when you have a bad thought which you don’t want anyone to know. In the BBC documentary on Scientology one person claimed that Scientology can keep secrets on big stars to keep them in their grasp. This is a worrying revelation which is rarely attributed to any mainstream religion which feels secure with the outside world or its members. It also showed that the presenter of the documentary John Sweeney had a bad thought, it predicted this accurately and John Sweeney confirmed this, this would show that it isn’t just outsiders being paranoid about this technology but it can be used for abuse and for blackmail if neccesary. Hubbard also later in life became obsessed with discontent from within and betrayal so he made members do E-meter tests on certain aspects of their lives to see if they were lying. It seems that the whole organisation like its founder Hubbard became paranoid with betrayal and hatred from the outside, the latter of course it receives even to this day.

Another worrying aspect of Scientology is its approach to investigation by outside sources and how it refutes allegations. In the BBC documentary on Scientology it was clearly showed that people inside the Scientology framework and institute followed and used tactics to make John Sweeney become angry and eventually lose his cool with Tommy Robertson What happened throughout the investigation was continual harassment, spying and following the team. Along with the slurring of witnesses who spoke out against the ‘church’. When confronted with the allegations the church simply denied it providing no access to records which could prove it didn’t happen. However on the return documentary it was found that messages between the leaders office and Tommy Robertson had been exchanged which proved that the accusations which the BBC made were true. This shows once again the sinister side of Scientology which other genuine religions do not have.

Within the church of Scientology they have special ‘crack troops’ who help the running of the church and spread the word unlike other members. These members sign up to a billion year contract and are called the Sea org. They live on a compound and have no access to the outside world which isn’t regulated by the church. The church controls aspects such as marriage, sex and birth. Some have claimed that when they were pregnant in the sea org they were pressured to have an abortion and felt like they had no other option. The church policy is that those who choose to be in the sea org cannot be pregnant, however they are free to leave with their husband. Some have also claimed that the church denied women contact with their husbands for periods of time to tell them they were pregnant. Those who quit the sea org owe substantial sums of money for ‘using’ the amenities on the compound, this is simple blackmail in my view and should not be tolerated. The choice is clear, either dare to have your freedom and incur a life time of debt or stay with your billion year contract. The church of Scientology also has a leader in David Miscavage who’s wife suddenly disappeared from public view in 2007 and hasn’t been seen since, has gone on to own over a billion dollars worth of real estate in what they term a crusade, in making a policy of disconnection which destroys families and stops those who leave the church from having any contact with them, it has gone on to blackmail, harass and intimidate those who dare to question this ruthless, dark and sinister organisation. I do believe the Church of Scientology is a dangerous repressive cult which needs to be clamped down on immediately and investigated by the proper authorities.

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