Trump and Corbyn; both can damage their parties

Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn are two disparate characters. Corbyn is self-deprecating, noble in aim ( the quote on his website is “prioritising the needs of the poor and human rights for all”),  a veteran campaigner for human rights, and  an MP who was first elected in 1983 for the constituency of Islington North. He’s… More Trump and Corbyn; both can damage their parties

MPs want pay rise

During these tough times with benefits slashed in real terms, public sector wages frozen, services cut around the country and various other measures to help the public finances stay on course one would imagine that MP’s respect the sacrifices which are being made to help right the ship and accept they also have to make… More MPs want pay rise

Nick Clegg’s apology

Yesterday it was announced that Nick Clegg is profoundly sorry for making a pledge he couldn’t keep. In other words he is sorry he has been a politician canvassing for votes in an election where he needed as many MP’s for as much leverage as possible. The tuition fees saga has been one of the most overblown… More Nick Clegg’s apology