The Corbyn nightmare

Jeremy Corbyn has become almost a mythical figure to many of those who support him. Forever kind and gentle, always on the right side of justice and of course always open to debate. These myths about Corbyn propagated by those who support him have been able to take hold, and now the party is paying … More The Corbyn nightmare

Coming out day

Just a few days ago it was national coming out day; this is a day where people can either come out or celebrate the day they came out whether that be to friends or family. It’s a recognition of a celebration in our land of equal opportunity, where sexual orientation being a cause for discrimination … More Coming out day

“Tory scum” is the sound of electoral death

The Conservative party conference certainly hasn’t been forgotten, least of all by the 60,000+ protest movement which has descended on it. What was supposed to be an event for the politically obsessed has descended into a story of intimidation, hatred, and fear. The protest movement which Jeremy Corbyn wished to unleash is well and truly … More “Tory scum” is the sound of electoral death

Corbyn’s speech spoke to the base but no-one else

I was in my pyjamas when Jeremy Corbyn gave his first conference speech as Labour leader. It was passionate, and delivered with alacrity, but that was the singular stylistic positive.  As a whole the speech was rambling, and disjointed,when it was essential to have clarity and structure. If I am honest I found it difficult … More Corbyn’s speech spoke to the base but no-one else

radicalism and pragmatism

You cannot be both radical and pragmatic, they are two different strands of thinking. Being radical is adopting a far-reaching change into the fundamental nature of something; if you’re being pragmatic you’re accepting that theoretical considerations have to give way to the reality of the situation. In essence, being pragmatic and radical at the same … More radicalism and pragmatism